About Us

Why Choose Affinity?

We provide information and direction to our clients, ensuring both financial stability and growth potential through our broad array of insurance and financial services and professionals.

We are a team of professionals integrated to offer an unparalleled experience to our clients, providing a truly holistic approach to retirement and estate preservation planning. Our mission is to guide our clients through the potential financial pitfalls of retirement, and ensure that they are well prepared and able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Our professional team includes insurance agents, financial advisors, brokers, registered investment advisors, elder law attorneys, real estate attorneys, mortgage specialists, accountants, CPAs, and VA accredited claims agents and attorneys. This enables us to develop a well rounded plan of action that will be able to accomplish the financial goals of any client.

The most important thing we do at Affinity is to educate you, 
as our client.

You make the ultimate decision when it comes to your financial future, so we maintain the importance of you fully understanding these decisions, including all benefits and consequences associated with them. Our advisors, having many years of experience, are able to discuss and help you formulate a plan of action over the course of several detailed meetings.

Once a plan is developed, our entire financial team is brought in to carry out and execute all the specifics of what you, our client, have set forth.